Giving back


Essex Bay Cabinetry has long been a supporter of the local community. Lending a hand to those in need by donating our materials, time and craftsmanship helps us feel more connected to those around us. We believe that strenghtening the community benefits everyone in it.

Essex Bay Cabinetry in the Community

Abby’s Space

Making a home more accessible for one remarkable little girl (2019)

Essex Bay teamed up with NEDC in May of 2019 to help make sweet Abby’s home more liveable for her and her family. Abby is not your average young lady, even as her body does not work in the way most are meant to, her spirit and love for life is exceptional. Working together with a group of dedicated individuals and companies, we are proud to have been able to help make her world just a bit more convenient.

Abby's Story

Maine Seacoast Mission

Helping to strengthen coastal Maine families (2015 & 2016)

For two years Essex Bay Cabinetry donated a custom kitchen to the Maine Seacoast Mission. Robert first began working with the mission in 2012 alongside his church. Initially he built kitchens on site from what materials the Mission could gather as donations. Then, in 2015, Robert had the idea that it would be much better if Essex Bay could simply donate the entire kitchen so that they wouldn’t have to cobble together pieces for their clients from different sources. The idea was a success, as were the kitchens.

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Mission 2016