We have multiple options for every type of space. We regularly utilize built in organizers, roll out drawers, and many other use specific items that are easy to incorporate. Our team will help you to come up with the most effective solutions for your particular space.

The easiest way to get more counter space is to include an Island in your kitchen. One of the other ways to accomplish this is to “hide” countertop appliances in the cabinets, either above or below the counter, and to utilize hanging appliances like microwaves.

A butcher block countertop is made just like a cutting board, using multiple pieces of hardwood glued together and sanded down to a smooth finish. While you can certainly use it just like any other cutting board, it is not necessarily recommended as regular cutting in the same place will cause scores in the surface and eventually create uneven wear. See Butcher Block Care for additional information on how to care for this type of surface.

Stone countertops are the most durable.

Our cabinets are built using 3/4” prefinished plywood, the drawer boxes are made from 5/8” solid maple.

We build our upper cabinets with a 5” space from the ceiling. That space will be covered with crown moulding that extends from the top of the cabinet to the ceiling.

We can install lighting under the cabinets, however this will depend upon the position of the electrical outlets, and may require an electrician. If lighting is something that is desired it will only be included in the quote if it has been previously discussed and agreed upon.

We utilize a double or single pullout trash system that is built into the lower cabinets.

We are able to get any kind of hardware you would like! Feel free to check out some options in the Hardware section of our Shop page.

We normally don’t include childproofing hardware upon installation, however we are happy to help you choose the best hardware options available for keeping your children safe.

We are able to install a custom drawer for under the sink that will help to utilize the space while still allowing room for the plumbing. Check out this Vanity

While there is no way to incorporate an easy to access system without losing ANY space, we do have corner systems that will allow you to pull out racks to get to your items much easier than without.

Everyone has their own opinions on this item, but in our experience there are some big drawbacks to this particular appliance and we would recommend doing some research on the life expectancy and operating costs of having a compactor.

This is a decision solely based on preference and if there is enough space you can certainly do so.

Most residential building code does not require oven hoods, but check with your municipality before deciding whether or not to install one. Even if your building code doesn’t require you to have one though, think about how often you prepare food that causes a lot of smoke and/or strong odors or creates a lot of grease.

Toe-Kick storage is an option, but doesn’t offer very much space. The items don’t necessarily get more dusty, but they aren’t the easiest to access.

We are able to paint or stain the cabinets. We can color match any color and also have samples of colors as well as stains in our showroom to look at and choose from.

We recommend using Magic Cabinet and Wood cleaner, or any gentle wood cleanser to remove dirt and grease from your cabinets.

While mechanical hardware (hinges, slides, etc.) is included in the quote you will receive, surface hardware is not. This is due to the large variation in pricing of surface hardware. You can look for options in the Hardware section of our Shop page and we will be happy to provide you with pricing.